Irene P. Smith

Writer, Editor, Technical Writer

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About Irene Smith

Irene was born in Port Jervis, NY sometime in the previous century. She attended grade school and high school in Port Jervis, and then attended Orange County Community College in nearby Middletown, New York. She went to work for her parents, as office manager of their business, Graphics, a print-shop and later became the advertising sales and delivery person for their weekly publication, "The Little Paper."

After growing up on a steady diet of Lewis Carroll, Hugh Lofting, and P.L. Travers, it was a natural step to want to tell stories to entertain others in the same way that Alice in Wonderland, Doctor Doolittle and Mary Poppins had entertained her.

Irene has been writing non-fiction since 1989 when she published an article about writing filters in interpreted BASIC for CodeWorks Magazine. That first sale was followed by a series of computer programming articles and reviews of software, programming books and tools, for magazines such as PC Hands On and PC Techniques.

Irene's first fiction publication didn't come until 2003 when she had a flash fiction piece published in the online 'zine Long Story Short. Following that publication, Irene has had other short stories published in print and online. Her flash fiction collection, Dreams in Transit was released, for Kindle and in softcover, in 2013 and re-released through Smashwords for most other eReaders in September of 2016.

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